A note to Craig Weiner and Alina Frank

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner. If the only way you can talk about your EFT Tapping products, or your products you sell is by bashing Robert Smith and Faster EFT, what you actually broadcast is that you don’t have beneficial things to say about your own. Sit down and decipher the most beneficial benefits of your company and its products. Prospects find acclaim far more convincing than slander. It’s good to remember the old saying, “If you sling mud, you are bound to get it on yourself.”

This is a post (again) from someone who posted this on Facebook. And it made me think about something I learned when I attended a business event not long ago. They talked about success. And what successful people like to do is to help other people to succeed too. So instead of competing against the competitor they partner together and both are more successful. They also said unsuccesfull people do the opposite. They  like it when their competitors fail (this is of course not always the case). I really like the idea to help each other to become more successful because 1. you focus on positive things and 2. More people get help. It is a win win.

Let’s continue this Facebook post:

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It never benefits you to belittle or defame your competition. By doing so, you don’t make yourself look better than it; you make yourself look worse. You both look insecure and underhanded.
Alina Frank, If you need to spend your time thrashing Robert Smith and FASTER EFT in the https://www.facebook.com/groups/FEFTisnotEFT/ and elsewhere to convince users not to use their product, you have a sucky product. If you didn’t you’d be too excited talking about your benefits and features to worry about someone else’s. But you’re not. You’re spreading negativity about someone not even in the group.

Unfortunately for you, consumers are smart. And they’ve been through high school. They know the reason you can’t take your eyes off them is because you secretly wish you were them.

Insecurity isn’t sexy. It makes people wonder why you’re more concerned with your competition than your own capabilities. You won’t like the answer they come up with. It’s simple, most don’t do business with bullies.

Don’t get confused – I love train wrecks. I love 90 day marriages, I love comment flame wars and I love YouTube videos of people playing horrible tricks on their friends.

I also love to see others get what I think is coming to them. But I prefer to love all these things from a distance. I don’t actually want to associate with the people riding the train to Crazy Town or the person handing out the lashings. Why?

No one wants to be your collateral damage.

If you’ll put on your crazy face to attack someone else, you’ll put it on to attack me. So while I’ll follow your tweet stream and laugh at your jokes, I will never ever do business with you. You will not see my dollars. I will not trust your product. Ever.

People watch how you behave online and how you treat the people around you. Because they know that’s the best bet they have to predicting how you will treat them. So act wisely.

Fear spread for fear alone isn’t useful and will be ignored. 

So if whining and coming off like an insecure bully isn’t the way to building a dynamic brand.

Wise words to live by. Market something off about you that is memorable and that helps you spread your message. It makes you magnetic to your target audience. Relatable. Your job as a business coach and EFT practitioners is to understand what that thing is and use it in your marketing.

By focusing on what’s different about you, you’ll stand out without having to resort to low blows to Faster EFT and Robert Smith. People don’t remember half truths and smear statements, they remember benefits of that product (Faster EFT) 1000’s  have seen benefited, and embraced. What you and others are trying to do in the FasterEFT (FEFT) is not EFT group is total rubbish.

End of this Facebook post.

I rest my case…..What do you think? Compete or work together?