Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.15.29 PMThe articles posted by Diana Kottle on the website Dangers of FasterEFT are written in a time period starting from July 6th, 2014 until January, 14th 2015.

In about 6 months, 45 articles were written on a very consistent basis. Every week one or two articles popped up to attack and discredit, FasterEFT, Robert G. Smits and all FEFT Practitioners.

ABOUT The Dangers of FasterEFT website according to Diana Kottle:

 Welcome to The Dangers of FasterEFT.

The purpose of this site is to alert the public to the very real dangers of the FasterEFT healing modality. Robert G. Smith, the creator of FasterEFT deceptively uses “EFT” in name only (for promotion and marketing purposes) – yet openly admits FasterEFT is really “less than 5% EFT”.

  • FasterEFT comes from EFT as you can see in the first videos on youtube and in the training course. Same as other modalities like, PositiveEFT, Universal EFT, EnergyEFT etc. All have the name EFT in it.
  • Yes Robert openly admits it has less then 5% EFT since 95% of the content taught is not about the tapping itself but about the understandings of EFT what makes it clean and concise and its based on how the mind works instead of Energy. That’s a major difference between FasterEFT and EFT. 
  • Is that really dangerous? 

This blog series was developed after several people reported being bullied, harmed by, and concerned about FasterEFT. Prior to this series (which began on August 5, 2015) there were no resources online that spoke to any of these concerns.

  • Well, there is no worry know anymore that there a no concerns online. They all come from one source: dangersoffasterEFT. Well done Diana Kottle. Mission completed!
  • There are no real dangers listed or shown. Only slander of Robert G Smiths Character and opinion. 

All people had to go by, when considering using FasterEFT, were the 950+ videos Robert G. Smith has placed on his Healing Magic Youtube channel to promote himself and his “miracle cure”.

  • And so many are greatfull for that. The videos are free and it has already helped so many people. Robert G. Smith is not a writer so he made and still makes videos. Without knowing he created a place easy for people to find it. That’s how I found FasterEFT. I am very grateful for that. I didn’t even know EFT or tapping before that. 

Many of the testimonials posted on this channel were taken with seminar participants very shortly after being worked on by Robert Smith or other practitioners, and in many cases, it is not known if these changes were lasting.

People are now speaking up about how their changes were not.

  • On Diana Kottles blog, one person, Solomon Cardy, said his changes didn’t last.
  •  FasterEFT doensn’t promote itself as a Miracle Cure. Although there are some really nice testimonals about fast and lasting results. We are responsible for our own healing and we can’t expect others to do it. And then get angry that it didn’t work.

 It is the intention of the creator of FasterEFT (Robert G. Smith) to make FasterEFT “THE Number ONE healing modality in the WORLD”.

  • “Shoot for the stars, you might get close’. What’s wrong with that? Everybody should believe in his work like that. 

In the meantime, there are very serious concerns regarding the safety of this modality, which touts itself as “Going where nobody else goes”. Many of the stories here detail what this means in FasterEFT. I encourage all who are considering using or training in this modality to spend time reading the stories in this series from start to finish first, so they can make an educated decision about what is best for them – rather than rely only on the nearly one thousand promotional videos Robert Smith has spent the past few years compiling in his ongoing effort to convince everyone he is the “Healing Genius” he says he is. You may also look in the category section on the blog for specific topics and articles.Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.21.04 PM

  • If you look for shit you will find shit!.
  • Could be one of the serious concerns be that FasterEFT might become the number one healing modalities in the world? Or is it just a threat for Gary Craig and Alina Frank?
  • The thing about the website Dangers of FasterEFT is that it is not trying to help people find the truth but it’s trying to discredit FasterEFT, Robert G. Smith and FEFT Practitioners.  Supported by EFT (healers) Gary Craig, Alina Frank, Graig Weiner, Diana Kottle, Erik Zoeteweij and a few others.

I truly hope that Gary Craig who can stop all this will take a step and show the world what true healing is.

Facts and people from the healing field promoting this Smear Campaign:

45 blogposts, 21 written by Diana Kottle, 7 by Jennifer Dawn Smith, 2 by Suzanne Biddiscombe, 2 by Diane Lanthier (also creator of FB group FEFT is not
EFT), 1 written by Erik Zoeteweij , 1 by Jodie Stafford

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 1.15.13 PM

Thanks for sharing Jodie :). Click on the photo to listen what this doctor says about FasterEFT.

1 by Gary Craig, 1 video by Gary Craig + Solomon Cardy,  1 video Gary Craig + Diana Kottle, 1 video by Solomon Cardy. 1 by Marilyn ? , 5 anonymous.

Biggest promoter of the website and posting links everywhere online: Alina Frank, Tapyourpower

Note: These articles are written so people see the truth behind the website dangers of FasterEFT. The biggest danger is that you might be able to get rid of your problems and reach your goals with the power of your own mind.

We hope this will all stop so we can all work together helping people and making this world a better place. Peacefully!