A new day. I slept pretty good, thank you:). I hope you too!

But sometimes I guess I think to much lol. I have a creative mind and in my mind I come up with so many ideas. Do you know that feeling? It feels good though, it gives energy. But it also keeps you from doing what you are supposed to do. I am working on my business but finding the right focus is not always easy.

And now I get a lot of positive energy from writing this blog. Who knows maybe I start to like writing??? Or is it the reason behind? Because my heart is involved. That must be it.:). I hope I will touch you heart on the way too.

So I have been thinking (when I was not sleeping) and I changed my mind. I might do this more often (change my mind) but you know that keeps it also a bit exiting, don’t you think so, when you don’t know what to expect?

I first thought I am going to tell everything about Diana Kottle her Blog dangers, Alina Frank, how it started, what happened etc. so people see the truth behind this smear campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.10.09 AMBut I think it’s already very obvious what is happening here.

Now I found this quote and all what is described in there you will find in Diana’s Blog. I want to make clear I don’t want to say Diana is a Narcist, that’s not my point.

It’s just the way the blogs are written. It sums it up nicely.

So I feel I don’t want to put to much energy in writing about her blogs. I just ask you to listen to your heart.

If you are looking for help and you feel confused, don’t know what to do but they told you tapping is very affective then I would recommend to find someone whose intentions are pure and operate from love.

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” 

There are many very good sincere FasterEFT Practitioners and EFT practitioners and modalities out there and many evolved from EFT. And I think it’s a very good thing to make a modality better and better.

  • EFT (this is from Gary Craig, Alina Frank, Craig Weiner, Diane Lanthier, Eric Zoeteweij, Jodie Stafford). I wrote these names here because these are EFT’ers actively bashing FasterEFT. 
  • Tapping Solution (Nick Ortner) (he has been attacked to as well as Dawson Church)
  • Positive EFT, EnergyEFT, EFT Universe, SET, etc etc.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.43.02 AMAll FasterEFT, EFT and tapping lovers and everybody who thinks, knows, feels or sees this is not fair. Let’s stand up for injustice but in a loving positive way!!

NOTE: If you have any ideas to help me? Please e-mail me. Or do you want to share something positive about FasterEFT. I will post it for you:). Or just leave a comment. Thank you for you support xxx