Hi there and welcome to my blog.

I am a FasterEFT practitioner and also trained in other modalities.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.22.48 PMI found FasterEFT about a year ago because I was looking for information to help someone with a problem and found FasterEFT.

I didn’t know anything about EFT or tapping but was very intrigued by all the videos of Robert G. Smith on youtube. I have to admit I was very very skeptical in the beginning but what he explained about how the mind works makes totally sense to me because that’s what I already had learned before, but I was missing something with the other modalities as they where able to lower down and help with the emotions but the memories where still there and the problem came back after a while.

So I watched many many videos and have been reading as much as possible about it. The reason I was skeptical was the tapping (looked weird) and they talked about “trances” what also sounded a bit whoo whoo to me (now I understand). So I had to make sure it was for me no nonsense and explainable.

My conclusion after watching the videos was that it makes totally sense. This is how it works. This is how we create problems, how we keep them alive but most important Robert G. Smith created this new modality which is safe (a few people will tell you different) and it works.

Not long after that I attended my first seminar. The best decision ever!!

I learned so much. Comparing this week to other trainings I had I can truly say Robert gives a lot. The price/quality is very good. What I also liked a lot is the fun part, the balance is very good. It reflects a bit what FasterEFT is : not only focusing on the problem but focus what makes you happy and practice that. (happy journal)

But the reason why I created this blog is that I feel like I have to share what I know with you regarding the blog of Diana Kottle, dangers of Faster EFT.

I do warn you…English is not my first language, I am not a writer (I actually don’t like it) so forgive me if there are mistakes:). But I love FasterEFT and support Robert G. Smith as I know him as a very open, caring and honest person. (Maybe to open sometimes;). And he has great humor, but not everybody might appreciate it, but I guess that’s normal.

I have seen this smear campaign all “happening” before my eyes and believe me I felt so many emotions, but the biggest of all was injustice. If there is something what I can’t stand is injustice. But I felt scared too, because of all the attacks and bullying. And I know I am not the only one.

Dr. Eric Robbins was a big promoter of FasterEFT but he had to go because they threatened him with slander. And that was the only reason why. Even his son Jonah had to leave to protect his father and because they threatened him too. They are both very loving persons. Jonah has a big heart and he loved his work as a practitioner and helped so many persons. We miss him.

I also still feel a lot of unbelieve, because its so hard to understand that people who are in the healing field can do something like that. Spreading lies on the internet, attacking someones name and reputation. How low can you go?

I do understand that Alina Frank and Gary Craig might not like it that EFT people find FasterEFT because of the name, because of business, because of money.

But on the other hand, many professionals are not only trained in just one modality. They keep learning and making themselves better. So if they find FasterEFT or something else that should be good.

The thing is and that is where I think the threat comes from is that many EFT’ers like FasterEFT better.

So what is a good way to keep them away from FasterEFT?

Scare them! Tell lies! Smear! Use libel! defamation of character! Etc. 

The problem is this is not only affecting Faster EFT and Robert G. Smith. It also affects the whole EFT community and most important of all people who are looking for help.

People who are looking for help are already scared and vulnerable, then they take the first step looking for help online and they find Diana Kottles website or Alina Frank who is promoting this.

Can you see what this can do to them??? Talking about ethics. Do you think this is ethical?

So if you have been reading dangers of Fastereft and got scared please know that all this is a smear campaign. It’s not about dangers, a cult a or whatever.

You can find so many testimonials on the internet of people who found relieve with FasterEFT and of course there are also people who like other modalities better and that’s ok. Everybody is free to choose.

It’s all about business and money and about a few persons who try to make Robert G. Smith change the name.

And unfortunately this is the way they do it.

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NOTE: If you want to write something as a guest writer, please feel free to send it to me and I will post it on this blog.

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